AFSE in the News

AFSE Student Participate in National Novel Writing Month 
December 5, 2016 
"There was no time for writers block at the Academy for Software Engineering Tuesday. Students at the public high school looked up from their computers only when Jose Taveras announced he was done. In 29 days, he had written 30,000 words. It is a complete novel."
 Celebrating the First Graduates of the Academy for Software Engineering 
September 20, 2016 
"Any new school’s first graduation is a significant achievement — for both students and staff. But this one is particularly important because AFSE is the first public school in NYC designed to provide a rigorous computer science education to every student, regardless of academic background."

March 3, 2016 
"There are plenty of initiatives out there focused on getting kids more invested in computer science, but what happens when an entire school builds itself around coding?"
February, 2016 
Learn about AFSE's use of Neverware CloudReady software in supporting the school's dynamic technology needs and infrastructure.
December 19, 2015 
"In honor of the occasion, Hour of Code partner Fred Wilson, Chairman of the New York City Foundation 
for Computer Science Education (CSNYC) will ring the Opening Bell. Joining Mr. Wilson are local education
partners as well as high school students from the Bronx Academy for Software Engineering and the 
Academy for Software Engineering in Manhattan."
November 30, 2015
"In September, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a ten-year deadline to offer computer science to every 
New York City public-school student at every grade level."
October 22, 2015 
"I am also a computer science teacher in New York City. Now, I lead the CSNYC Community Meetup, a group of 
over 1,200 teachers and technologists who gather to share ideas around computer science education." 
September 27, 2015
"Kids at this new Gramercy school get a jump start on Mayor de Blasio’s computer-science goals 
-— and have already won accolades. One was invited to the 2015 White House Science Fair, and 
two teams from AFSE won awards at this year’s “Dream It, Code It, Win It” competition." 
September 15, 2015
"...New York City’s first high school devoted to computer science, the Academy for Software Engineering." 
January 22, 2014
"You need additional adults who are constantly going to be in the ear of that student, constantly be looking 
out for opportunities, resources, that might help them take that path toward college, said Seung Yu, principal 
of the Academy for Software Engineering (AFSE)..." 
Educating the New Class of Developers                                      
November 4, 2014
"In 10 years, Michael Torres wants to be the CEO of a gaming company. He sees himself founding the next 
EA or Ubisoft...but that will have to wait for now. At the moment, Torres is a ninth grader at the Academy for 
Software Engineering in Manhattan."