Principal's Message

Hello world! Our goal at the Academy for Software Engineering (AFSE) is for every student to be heard, to be seen, and to feel relevant. Three simple words - voice, visibility, value – are at the core of how we educate the young men and women who walk through our hallways. We expect our students to contribute to New York City and beyond by becoming the next generation of independent thinkers, socially-conscious leaders, and innovative entrepreneurs. 

We offer a robust college and career preparatory education by combining a comprehensive academic program, work-based learning experiences, and four years of computer science and software engineering coursework.
 Our educational belief is that learning occurs best in a learner-focused, team-oriented, and learning-by-solving environment in which students are active participants in gathering information, making meaning, questioning, and problem-solving. Our educators encourage intellectual risk-taking and expand student thinking by providing the necessary supports that encourage independent and collaborative discovery.
At AFSE we approach each student individually and holistically. By providing students with personalized supports and nurturing interactions with adults we are building the foundation for independence and autonomy. Our young adults take ownership of their lives by developing the academic, emotional, and social skills to become self-reliant and self-sufficient participants in this highly dynamic world. They will be prepared to make the multitude of personal decisions to determine their place and their role in the larger global community. 

Through intentional instruction, invested teamwork, and personalized intervention as demonstrated by all members of the AFSE community we create the conditions that cultivate within our students a spirit to achieve coupled with the resiliency to overcome challenges. Every individual at AFSE will develop his/her voice to be heard, the visibility to be seen, and the value to feel relevant in order to demonstrate his/her many talents within and beyond our school walls. 

Welcome to AFSE! 
Seung Yu