Bridge to College Coach for Graduating Seniors

My name's Austin Morales, class of 17', and I currently attend SUNY Buffalo State. Besides being an alum of AFSE, I'm also returning for my second year as a Bridge to College Coach. What's a Bridge to College (or BTC) coach? 
My job as a BTC Coach is to make sure that students stay on top of communication between them and their college over the summer. As soon as they graduate high school, most students are prone to forgetting everything about college and just focus on summer, and who can blame them? They reached a big stepping stone. However, a lot of colleges still reach out to students over the summer for missing materials such as FAFSA applications, housing applications, and missing documents that, without them, they wouldn't be able to step foot on campus come the fall. In order to prevent that, I come into the picture! I'm here to serve as a resource to help students obtain documents for schools, assist in communication with the schools, and overall prepare them for higher education. 
As a returning BTC Coach, I'm experienced in helping students with all kinds of problems leading up to college, and I'm looking forward to helping the graduating AFSE class of 2019! 
Feel free to email me any questions or concerns at