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Nelson Arroyo is a Bronx native who is proud product of the NYC public school system and is proof of how valuable a public education is. He was the first college graduate in his family as he excelled at every level of CUNY graduating with an Associates degree from the Borough of Manhattan Community College, a Bachelors degree in English from John Jay College, and a Masters in Education at Hunter College. Nelson is a former Urban Teacher Resident who has now been teaching since 2015 and is the English Department Lead. His background in youth development consists of being a summer youth camp counselor and coaching baseball, but what ultimately led to him choosing teaching as a career was how rewarding it was doing home work, tutoring and completing science projects with all of his thirteen nieces and nephews. His main goals as an educator apart from sharing his love for literature is to provide avenues for all of his students to succeed academically and to nurture a cosmopolitan outlook that values the diversity in our classroom, school and the world we live in.
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