• AFSE 12th grader Esi McAllen (fifth student top row) on stage with President Obama during the 2015 White House Science Fair  
    AFSE Junior Esi McAllen Attends the White House Science Fair 2015
    Junior Esi McAllen was invited to attend the White House Science Fair as a honored guest. Esi was honored thanks to her contributions as team leader in the development of JustSmile, an application to help people who suffer from depression.  Esi, along with students Gio Rescigno, Krista Mayes, Mona Naser, Porfirio Mohabir, and Shahan Rahman created the application as part of the 2015 Verizon App Challenge. 
    AFSE congratulates Esi and her team for their outstanding work. We are proud of their accomplishments and honored to have been included in the White House Science Fair.
    Check our Twitter feed via @afsenyc to view the stream of Esi's experience during the White House Science Fair 2015.
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