• 10th Grade Course Descriptions 

    Below are all 10th-grade courses. Please check your Jumprope account to confirm classes your student is taking this semester. Please be sure to click on the course name for the class syllabus. 


    Course & Syllabus  Course Description
    English 10

    World Literature is a course that will focus on sharpening the groundwork laid in 9th grade through project-based learning. Students will be required to create authentic products of research, philosophy, poetry, political campaigns, and short stories and will be challenged to use their imagination to complete the rigorous but open-ended learning activities. Not only is this course focused on improving the reading and writing ability, but we will critically examine human experiences such as trauma, bias, and happiness to better ensure our young people have the tools and the language to successfully navigating an increasingly complex world.

    CC Algebra II Accelerated

    (1) Algebra II follows Geometry and Algebra I. It may be followed by Precalculus, Calculus, or Financial Literacy.
    (2) Students will build on their understanding of Algebra I and Geometry and further explore equations, functions, and systems. Students will be exploring new topics such as complex numbers, logarithmic functions, and more.
    (3) This course culminates in the CC Algebra 2 Regents examination.

    Earth Science

    Earth Science is the name for a group of sciences that includes Astronomy, Meteorology, and Geology. Earth Scientists study the Earth’s processes responsible for the phenomena that we see and experience as humans on Earth. We will cite evidence to support different theories regarding Earth processes, make our own observations and draw conclusions about natural processes. This course culminates in a Regents examination on Thursday, June 14, 2018, at 9:00 AM.

    Mandatory Lab Requirement: Students MUST have a minimum of 1200 minutes of laboratory time with completed lab assignments to sit for the Regents exam.

    Physical Education 10

    The 10th-grade Physical Education curriculum will focus on the ability to assess a students performance of various physical activities. Assessments will engage and challenge students to identify and critique each other in ways that will broaden their understanding of specific skills.
    Students will also be performing each skill and enhancing their ability to perform the skill by applying feedback that is verbalized, demonstrated, and recorded by their peer assessor.

    CC Geometry

    Geometry is dedicated to building a strong foundation of mathematical vocabulary and geometry resources after Algebra 1. We will build new knowledge upon our prior knowledge by using logical reasoning. As a class, we will learn how to work together in small groups and as a large group in order to maximize the learning that happens in class. This course culminates in a Regents examination on June 19, 2018, at 9:00 AM.

    AP Computer Science Principles

    Taken by all 10th graders as part of the AFSE CS, AP CSP is certified by the CollegeBoard as a college-level introduction to computer science for non-computer science majors course. AP CSP allows students to examine the fundamental concepts of computer science at a higher level, after completing a project-based introduction, but before they narrow their focus to either interface or algorithm design in the third year. College credit is awarded by participating institutions to students, who complete two major projects – one in computing innovation research, the other in original program development – and earn a passing score on the AP exam.