• 11th Grade Course Descriptions 

    Below are all 11th-grade courses. Please check your Jumprope account to confirm classes your student is taking this semester. Please be sure to click on the course name for the class syllabus. 


    Course & Syllabus Course Description
    CC Algebra II

    (1) Algebra II follows Geometry and Algebra I. It may be followed by Precalculus, Calculus, or Financial Literacy.
    (2) Students will build on their understanding of Algebra I and Geometry and further explore equations, functions, and systems. Students will be exploring new topics such as complex numbers, logarithmic functions, and more.
    (3) This course culminates in a summative project and an optional Regents examination which will be administered on June 14, 2018.

    Precalculus Accelerated

    Fall Precalculus extends and develops more deeply those topics discussed in Algebra 2 & Trigonometry. Exploration, inquiry, discovery, reasoning, and problem-solving are at the heart of the course. The first half of the semester focuses on number sense, equations, functions, and graphing. At the root of our exploration of functions are rates of change. We will constantly ask: How does one thing change relative to another? Group work, collaboration, and discussion are paramount in the class. Students are expected to work as a team, discuss their solutions paths, and - above all - engage in practices that demonstrate that, in mathematics, the process is far more valuable than the answer.

    AP English Language

    AP Language and Composition is a rigorous, college composition course emphasizing the reading, analysis, and writing of the arguments. Students will grapple with current debates gripping our world and analyze texts from a variety of genres and time periods. Students will also develop researching and citation skills in an extended, multi-step research paper. This course will prepare students for the New York English Regents in January, as well as giving students the opportunity to take the AP Language and Composition in May.


    Regents Chemistry is an introductory physical science course. Its purpose is to prepare students to see Chemistry again (whether it is AP Chemistry or General Chemistry at the college level) and feel confident in tackling the, often, tricky subject. It will also work to show students their daily connections to chemistry. Chemistry lab is an incredibly important part of Regents Chemistry. Students should expect to have some type of lab experience once every week or two. Students who have enough lab time will have the opportunity to take the Chemistry Regents exam in June.

    Tech and Design

    Tech & Design is a year 3 course in the 4-year computer science sequence at AFSE. The purpose of this class is to learn about design, innovation, and manufacturing by doing it. Our first goal is to cultivate a firm understanding of design and design thinking, a framework that guides the design process. Then we’ll develop our skills and conceptual understanding of 3D modeling and design. And we'll learn how to manufacture our designs using the CAD tools we have in our classroom - 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC routers. This is a project-oriented class. There will be many projects along the way and one culminating project that will be submitted at the end of the semester.

    Music Production

    This course is the first course in the music sequence for the 2017-2018 school year.

    We will be learning music fundamentals through group performance using mixed pitched and unpitched percussion instruments. Students have an interest in keyboards and guitars will be able to explore these instruments after passing an audition.

    Physical Education 11

    The 11th-grade Physical Education curriculum will focus primarily on sport-related skills and strategies. Each team sports unit throughout the course of their Junior year will require students to practice and apply the individual skills necessary to participate in a variety of sports at both a competitive and recreational level. In addition, students will also obtain the background knowledge pertaining to the history, rules, player positions, and both health and skill-related benefits of participating in each particular sport. Students are also required to complete each of the six NYC FitnessGram assessments.

    AP Computer Science Accelerated

    AP CS A is the second AP course offered by AFSE's CS Department (after AP CS Principles). AP CS A aligns to the standards of a college-level introductory computer science course for majors. It focuses on students' continued refinement of AFSE's vertically aligned CS mastery skills in the context of the following topics: (I) Object Oriented Program Design, (II) Program Implementation, (III) Program Analysis, (IV) Standard Data Structures, (V) Standard Operations and Algorithms, and (VI) Computing in Context. This course culminates in the AP Computer Science A exam Tuesday, May 15 at 12 PM.

    US History

    In this course, students will critically examine United States history, from the arrival of Europeans and enslaved Africans up to the present day. Units of study in the fall semester will include Colonial America, American Revolution & Constitutional Foundations, Civil War, and Reconstruction. The course will provide opportunities for students to demonstrate the following overarching skills: developing an argument to support claims in a written analysis of historical events; historical thinking reading skills of sourcing, contextualization, corroboration, close reading. This class culminates in a Regents exam in January and June.