Restorative Justice & Senior Vineyard Trip

Restorative Justice Peer Mediation
This week peer mediators from lower academy (9th & 10th Grade) participated in a restorative justice (RJ) workshop. Students learned about the native Indian history of circle keeping, participated in a community circle, and drafted their own line of questioning for a circle they will facilitate at the end of the spring semester.
Senior Trip to the Vineyard Theater
In our continued partnership with The  Vineyard THeater, Ms. Towne and Ms. Shomala took Hurston and Kerouac Senior ELA Blocks on April 3rd to see "Do You Feel Anger" a new play. "In Mara Nelson-Greenberg's dazzling dark comedy, Sofia is hired as an empathy coach at a debt collection agency — and clearly, she has her work cut out for her. These employees can barely identify what an emotion is, much less practice deep, radical compassion for others. As they painstakingly stumble towards enlightenment, someone keeps mugging Eva in the kitchen, and the unspoken dynamics of their seemingly blithe workplace culture become increasingly unsettling. This absurdly funny and potent new play, directed by Margot Bordelon (EDDIE AND DAVE), reminds us that change is not always easy, and may come with unexpected costs." (