• AFSE Weekly Family & Students Priorities: 1/8 - 1/12
    In order to provide families with enough time to prepare for the week ahead, we will be sending the weekly email on Sunday evening. You will receive an email with important information and action items for the week. Please review and be sure to complete the action steps by the deadline to stay current with AFSE announcements.

    Action Item #1 (Grades 10 & 12): iMentor Event - Tuesday, Jan 9. Remind your student to attend this week's iMentor event on Tuesday, January 9, at 5:30 PM. Event attendance is a vital part of your student's preparation for college, so please ensure your student RSVPs and arrives on time. 

    Keep in Mind (For Review): End of Fall Semester - Tracking Progress towards Earning Credit

    We have entered a critical time of the semester as we reach the end of the marking period with only 9 days remaining in the semester for your student to complete all requirements. In order to ensure that your student is on track to receive credit in each class, it is important to have a clear and accurate understanding of exactly where your student stands in each course.  

    In order to confirm your student's standing for each class, you can do the following:

    1. Log-in to JumpRope (jumpro.pe/login)

    2. Click on the course name and Overall Academic Mastery

    3. Click on and review each mastery skill

    4. Identify how many pieces of evidence your student has for each skill (The letters I and U do not count as pieces of evidence).

    5. Your student should consult with the teacher in each class for which he/she is deficient (< 3 pieces of evidence for any one skill). Please note that if your student has less than 3 pieces of evidence for each mastery skill at the end of Fall Semester (1/19), then he/she will not earn credit for the course.

    In order to be eligible for credit in a course, your student must have at least 3 pieces of evidence for each mastery skill.  Your student should take ownership of his/her learning by monitoring JumpRope, conferencing with the advisor, incorporating feedback from teachers, coordinating with teachers to complete tasks, and attend supplemental supports, including tutoring after school and Saturday School on 1/6 and 1/20.  

    We are here as a team to support your student with reaching your goals and remaining on track for graduation.


    Key Events/Activities for the Week - Click here 
    (NOTE: Click "List" to view the calendar with details of events)
    • Student Recognition (rescheduled) - Friday, January 12 during 7th period
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