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Everything, absolutely every thing today, is run by software in some way. Clothing design, music, file sharing, medical discovery...this is our new world. At AFSE you can write your own software that changes lives. And that's just another day at high school. But not just any school...the Academy for Software Engineering (AFSE).
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2023 is an Education Council Election year. For the first time, each Community Education Council will have a dedicated seat for a D75 parent.
The DOE is committed to the health and well-being of every child, and continues to provide free, nutritious meals to all students every day. The healthy food provided helps students succeed inside and outside of the classroom
New York City offers children and teens a wide range of after-school and summer activities-

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  • 90% Graduation Rate
  • Coming Soon 4-Year College Acceptance Rate
  • 7 AP Course Offerings
  • 450 Total Student Enrolled