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Open House Events
How to attend an Open House?
    1. Watch our Open House Presentation Video given by Principal Raeke.
         2. Attend an Open House Q&A session to hear directly from our school community members - including students, staff, and parents/guardians.
Final Open House: Thursday, March 3, @ 6:00 PM - Join Us Here -
AFSE School Tour
You can also watch the tour of our school done by our very own Film Club. 
AFSE is the flagship school in New York City's movement to increase access to Computer Science education. We are an open enrollment public high school created to provide innovative computer science and software engineering education to New York City students.
Is This The School for you?
A few great reasons to choose AFSE...
Innovative software engineering and computer science skills and knowledge
Internships in New York City's tech industry with professional mentors
The latest work stations, equipment, and approaches to keep you engaged
Computing courses focused on programming, advanced computer science, web design, user experience, entrepreneurship, and mobile application development