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Peer Group Connection

What is Peer Group Connection (PGC)?
A school-based peer-to-peer mentoring program that is designed to ease the transition to high school for ninth grade students.
11th Grade Peer Leaders will receive intense leadership training from two PGC Faculty Advisors during the upcoming school year to help incoming ninth graders transition into high school.
What is the Purpose of Peer Group Connection?
PGC seeks to improve students’ sense of being connected to peers and the school.
Connections with older students tend to lead to fewer dropouts, improve grades, and reduces bullying, to name a few positive effects of the program.
Our Goal

As a school community, we are working endlessly to create a nurturing, supportive environment.

Our plan for this upcoming school year is to use a school-based peer-to-peer mentoring program to bridge the gap between Lower Academy (9th & 10th Grade) and Upper Academy (11th & 12th Grade).