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Principal's Welcome

Dear AFSE Community:


I am excited to begin the next phase of my career with all of you as interim acting principal of the Academy for Software Engineering.  Over the course of the last two years I have been privileged and honored to serve this community that is committed to student achievement.  I have enjoyed an incredible journey in education, beginning almost twenty years ago in Richmond, California, as a biology teacher, followed by ten years in Oakland as both a teacher and assistant principal. I look forward to bringing my experience both here and beyond into the role of principal at AFSE.  


I am deeply invested in what has been created at AFSE over the past five years, and am committed to ensuring the school remains successful and a model for other schools to follow.  Your support will be critical in fulfilling our vision. We will continue build on and strengthen what makes AFSE an exceptional educational experience included below:


  • Mastery-Based Learning:  Teachers have refined their curriculum to engage students in critical skills and have developed assessments that provide feedback on progress to support student growth.  
  • Mentoring & Advisory:  Through advisory and iMentor students will continue to receive guidance on college and career, gain awareness of college and career options, and benefit from the guidance of a caring adult.  
  • Restorative Justice: In order to build a strong and supportive community in which all community members are heard, seen and valued, and participate in a community founded on trust and respect, structures have been put in place for diverse perspectives to be shared and conflicts resolved in safe settings.
  • College & Career Initiative: Our robust initiative ensures that students and families are well-informed about the college process, including completing the application and financial aid, as well as options for career, through College Night, Advisory, One Goal and iMentor.


I believe that strong schools are strong communities.  I encourage all of you to stay informed and remain engaged in activities throughout the year.  The feedback and input of parents and students is essential to serving the academic, social and emotional needs of our students.  


Through our work together, we will ensure that graduates are informed of options, possess the requisite skills to be competitive, and feel empowered to realize a bright future.  


I look forward to our partnership and your input as we work together to further and continue the success of AFSE.




Shawn Raeke