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Principal's Welcome



September 13, 2021

Dear AFSE Community:

I am incredibly excited to begin another school year with you as we transition back to full in-person learning.  I hope that you had an enjoyable and safe summer and feel rejuvenated for the reopening of school.  The beginning of school is always an opportunity for renewal, a chance to begin again and grow and improve as individuals and as a community.  Last year we had great success including a graduation rate of 93%.   It is hard to believe that this year we are entering into our 10th year as a school and that at the end of the year AFSE will have been in existence for a decade.  We have a full 12 staff members who are entering their 9th or 10th year at AFSE, which speaks to the commitment of our staff and the stability that we have been able to sustain, particularly in an otherwise unstable moment. 


This year we are thrilled to welcome one new staff member and program manager for iMentor into our school community.  I am pleased to welcome the following new members to our team:

Keira Graham (Special Education)

Junia Cho (Math) 

Leeat Massuda (Special Education)

Kevin Cortes (Special Education)

Marion Hudson (Computer Science) 

Scott Cosgun (iMentor: 11th Grade)

Aisha Azam (iMentor: 12th Grade) 

I am incredibly grateful for the support of our staff, students and parents who have been involved throughout the summer to help prepare the school for a successful year.  I am reminded each day that we are part of a special community that works together as a team and supports each other through challenge. 


We look forward to this incredible journey ahead as we pass through the cooler air of fall, the frigid air of winter, renewal of spring and onset of the heat of summer.    

Let’s make it a great year!



Shawn P. Raeke