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Our Mission and Values

The Academy for Software Engineering (AFSE) empowers ALL students to reach their fullest potential through mastery-based learning practices, self-reflection, and a growth mindset.  Students cultivate social-emotional health through restorative practices and meaningful relationships between all stakeholders in order to create an inclusive and equitable community of engaged and critical-thinkers enriched by a rigorous and culturally responsive education.  Every student at AFSE will develop the skills to become lifelong learners, tomorrow’s problem solvers, and collaborative leaders with the skills to achieve post-secondary success.
Voice: A student demonstrates voice by making positive contributions to the learning environment by setting a positive example and modeling the values of the school and demonstrates respect and tolerance for others.
Value: A student demonstrates value by making positive contributions to peers that are characterized by support and care.
Visibility: A student demonstrates visibility by making positive contributions to the overall school community