First Day of School is Thursday, September 5, at 9:00 AM

Dear AFSE Students and Families:

We are thrilled to welcome you all for another productive school year! It is our mission to help you develop the necessary skills to succeed in today’s world, both academically, professionally, and socially.

Please share the information below with your parents/guardians/family in preparation for the first day of the 2019 - 2020 school year: 

  • FIRST DAY - Thursday, September 5, 2019, is the first full day of school. Our school day begins promptly at 9:00 AM and will end at 3:20 PM. Our suggested arrival time for the first week is 8:15 AM. AFSE staff will be outside the school building to direct our students and monitor them as they wait to enter the building. If you are a returning student and need a new student ID, please complete this request form. ID cards will be printed and distributed during the first week.

  • ELECTRONICS -  Students are allowed to bring cell phones into the building. However, cell phones may only be used before school, during a student’s lunch period in the cafeteria, and after school unless otherwise established by the teacher. If a cell phone is out or in use when not authorized, disciplinary action could ensue, including confiscation of the phone.  Additional details including the AFSE Electronics and Cell Phone Policy will be reviewed and provided to all students during the first week of school. 

  • LUNCH - The NYCDOE has made lunch free for all students. However, we still require that the Family Income Form (previously called the Lunch Eligibility Form) be completed to determine if our school is eligible for additional funding. The form can be completed on paper (provided the first week of school) or online at

  • STUDENT BELONGINGS - Students will be responsible for maintaining and monitoring their belongings throughout the day. Please be sure to be mindful of your belongings.  Students are responsible for securing his or her valuables.  

  • DRESS CODE - We expect students to dress in a manner that proudly and respectfully represents their families, our school, and themselves. 

Should you or your family have any questions and/or concerns about anything listed in this notice please feel free to contact our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Cameron at (212) 253-3294 or by email at


Shawn Raeke


Academy for Software Engineering