Inaugural Meeting of the AFSE Green Team

The AFSE Green Team met for the first time this week! Their main goal is to reduce, followed by reuse and finally recycle our precious resources around AFSE and at home in order to be more sustainable. In addition we have new water fountains with bottle filling stations. Students should use the S'Well water bottles and reduce the amount of plastic bottles used.
The Green Team started the work of labeling the recycling areas around the AFSE classrooms and offices. They have several other goals for this school year, one of which includes ensuring that we sort our GREEN BIN (For Papers) from BLUE BIN (Metal, Glass, Plastic) and BLACK BIN (For Landfill Waste). There is also a yellow decal saying “Recycling Area” in our rooms. We are also encouraging you to drop off any Crayola markers or used batteries to Room 515 to be disposed of properly. 
Please do your part in promoting greener practices in school and at home by ensuring that we are reducing single use plastics. Our AFSE Green Team encourages you to bring your own water bottles, as part of the movement which distributed the Swell water bottles last year to all NYC High Schools. 
Students interested in joining the Green Team can join the next meeting on Thursdays, Room 515, 3:30-4:30pm.