High School Students from Denmark Visit AFSE (Again!)

October 4, 2019
Today AFSE hosted representatives from a high school in Denmark with an emphasis on technology.  This visit followed on the visit from students from Denmark in September.  The school officials from Denmark are seeking a partner school in New York City and are interested in a potential student exchange program with AFSE!  
Sept 13, 2019
Today, The Academy for Software Engineering welcomed a group of 19 students from Denmark.  This visit highlighted the AFSE Community and the excellent work taking place within our community as a result of the staff, students, and parents. The Danish students left with a positive impression from their 1st visit to an American School. 
A massive shout-out to  the 8 AFSE students that spoke eloquently regarding their love for the school and their experiences: Jada, Ilan, Erika, Kelly, Christian, Yannairis, Joel, and Alberto.