Class of 2020 College Acceptances - Updated Weekly

This article will be updated weekly and we will highlight college acceptances as they come in. Any seniors who receive college acceptances should let the college office and Ms. Cameron know as soon as possible.
Some students may be listed but not pictured.
February 28, 2020
  • Edward: Rochester Institute of Technology with a FULL RIDE - that's over $250k scholarships!!!
February 14, 2020
  • Jada: Rochester Institute of Technology, City College, Brooklyn College, Queens College, Hunter College with over $78k in scholarships.
  • Isabella: City College, University at Buffalo
  • Sebastian S: Hunter College, Baruch College, Lehman College, City College, Brooklyn College, Queens College
  • Max M: Miami University (Ohio)
  • Nicholas U: Hunter college, Brooklyn College
  • Chloe E: Hunter College, Queens college, Brooklyn College, NYC Tech, City College
  • Yianni: Hunter College, Baruch College, City College, Queens College
  • Syed: City College
  • Raul: Lehman College, PolyTech
  • Daisy: LaGuardia CC, Hunter College, City College, Baruch College, Lehman College, Brooklyn College, Le Moyne College
  • Ilan: City College, Hunter College, Brooklyn College
  • Philip: Hunter College, John Jay, City Tech college, Baruch College, York College
  • Diego: Pace University with over $88k in scholarships
  • Kayden: Brooklyn College, Medgar Evers, City Tech College
  • Murshed: Siena with $79k in scholarships
  • Kaitelyn: City Tech College
  • Destiny: Hostos CC, LaGuardia CC, College of Staten Island
  • Brandon F: Hunter College, Brooklyn College, Queens College, Lehman College, City College
  • Jaret: Guttman CC, BMCC
  • Eric C: BMCC
  • Daniel: City Tech, College of Staten Island, St. Francis
  • Joel R: Concordia with $40k in scholarships
  • Rangel P: LaGuardia CC, Queens Borough CC, Medgar Evers, Brooklyn College, BMCC
  • Luz A: Rutger Newark
January 31, 2020
  • Yunior: City Tech
  • Michael R: Monroe Community College
  • Daniel: Alfred State
  • James L: New York Institute of Technology, Manhattan College
  • Jhoan: John Jay, Vaughn College, Manhattan College, Utica
  • Brandon F: Oswego, New Paltz
  • Daisy: SUNY ALbany, New Paltz, University at Buffalo
  • Isabela: Polytechnic University, John Jay, UAlbany
  • Tiffany: Polytechnic University
  • Aaron V: Marymount Manhattan College
  • Philip: University at Buffalo, UAlbany, John Jay, Manhattan College, New York Institute of Technology
  • Syed: New Paltz, UAlbany, University at Buffalo, Polytechnic University
  • Nicholas U: SUNY Purchase
  • Joel R: Alfred State
  • Derek H: University of Nevada
  • Hector P: Manhattan College
  • Aiden: Manhattan College, Polytechnic University
  • Luz: John Jay, San Diego State
  • Doron: University at Buffalo, UAlbany
  • Christian: St. Bonaventure
January 17, 2020
  • Ibahima: Cobleskill
  • Doron: Stevenson University with $89,000 in scholarships
  • Jordan: Canton, New Paltz, Benedict College, Norfolk
  • Brandon: Oswego
  • Alec: Cobleskill
  • Kaitelyn: Morrisville and Canisius
  • Sunny: Marymount Manhattan and LeMoyne College with $60,000 in scholarships!
  • Ilan: Temple University with $12,000 in scholarships
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January 10, 2020
  • Ibahima: Alfred State and Alfred University
  • Christian: Buffalo State
  • Alec: Buffalo State and Adirondack
  • Yianni: Stonybrook and St. Johns University with $31,000 in scholarships
  • Tiffany: St. Johns University with $15,000 in scholarships
  • Sunny: SUNY Canton
  • Kaitlyn: Cazenovia College  with $72,000 in scholarships
  • Destiny: Cazenovia College
  • Kiara: University of Bridgeport
  • Aaron A: William Patterson and Rutgers University - Newark
  • Sebastian: Temple University
January 3, 2020
  • Kiara: Vaughn College and Alfred State
  • Max: Seton Hall
  • Sebastian: Stonybrook
  • Jada: Spelman College with $12,000 in scholarships!
  • Jhoan: Manhattan College with $61,000 in scholarships!
  • Marcus: New York Institute of Technology with $80,000 in scholarships!
  • William: SUNY Farmingdale, Cobleskill, Delhi, Plattsburgh with $64,000 in scholarships!
  • Yunior: Utica College with $10,000 in scholarships!
  • Chloe: Rochester Institute of Technology and NYU Shanghai
  • Louis: Dominican College with $33,000 in scholarships!
  • Daisy: SUNY Cobleskill
  • Doron: Xavier University with $88,000 in scholarships!
  • Joshua: University at Buffalo
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December 20, 2019
  • Jada: Manhattan College, SUNY New Paltz, American University with more than $320,000 in scholarships!!
  • Doron: Seton Hall, Alfred State, SUNY Polytechnic with $15,000 in scholarships!
  • Ilan: George Mason with $100,000 in scholarships!
  • Hamid: Seton Hall, University of Bridgeport, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Long Island University with over $100,00 in scholarships!
  • Sebastian: University at Albany
  • Luz: Rutgers University - Camden
December 13, 2019
  • Jada: John Jay, University at Albany, University at Buffalo, Fordham University
  • Ilan: Depaul University and Emerson College with over $160,000 in scholarships!
  • Sebastian: University at Buffalo and Penn State
  • Luz: Pace University with a $84,000 scholarship!
  • Destiny: SUNY Morrisville
  • Aaron A: Rutgers University and Montclair State University
December 6, 2019
Sebastian S: Pace University with a $104,000 scholarship!!
November 27, 2019
We are extremely proud of this group of seniors who have blazed right through the college application process and have received acceptances already!
Pictured left to right
  • Raymond: Coppin State University & Voorhees College
  • Aaron: Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Jada: Seton Hall, SUNY Brockport, and Long Island University - Post Campus with over $75,000 in scholarships
  • Ilan: Savannah College of Art & Design, Cleveland State University, Wayne State University, & SUNY Fredonia with over $75,000 in scholarships