iMentor Senior Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to all our award recipients!

CS: Most Growth 

Avery W

CS - Master Engineer 

Lemuel D

English - Most Growth: 

Roselyn V

English - Joan Didion Award: 

Naydelin P

PE - Most Growth:  

Jonathen P

PE - AFSE Ironman:  

Derick F

Math: Most Growth: 

Nathaly Q

Math - Newton’s Apprentice:  

Kelvin B

Art: Most Growth 

Steven C

Artist In Residence: 

Taryn N

Science: Most Growth:

Manuel N

AFSE Medal of Science:  

Jerimy P

Social Studies:  Most Growth: 

Dorian C

AFSE Civics Award: 

Ben T

Humanities - Most Growth: 

Takaaki Y 

Humanities - The Perseverance Award: 

Brandon V

LOTE/World Languages:  Most Growth: 

Justin T

Trilingual Excellence

Oswaldo D 

College Office

Consistent Effort Award

Norelis A

College Office

Perseverance Award

Oscar A


Best Collaborator Award

Samir F


Post-Secondary Ace

Gael R

New York City Comptroller’s Student Achievement Award

awarded to students who made outstanding contributions both within and outside their school communities

Mouhamed T

Angel G

Speaker's Student Achievement Award: These awards are presented each year to New York City students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, good citizenship, and a strong commitment to community service.

Ibrahim K

Tyler M


A student demonstrates voice by . . . making positive contributions to the learning environment by setting a positive example and modeling the values of the school and demonstrating respect and tolerance for others.

Milosis S


A student demonstrates visibility by . . . making positive contributions to the overall school community

Stephen M


A student demonstrates value by. . . making positive contributions to peers that are characterized by support and care.  



Terrence S


Vianelka C

Principal’s Award

Keneth O

Principal’s Award

Amber S

Principal’s Award

Isaiah M