PSAL Award Ceremony

The Washington Irving Campus had its Annual ceremony to celebrate Scholar Athletes and this year was extra special as they also celebrated Coach Haywood's journey and impact throughout the years. 
Mark Hayward has coached at Washington Irving Campus for 30+ years. Throughout his time, he coached boys' soccer, boys' basketball, and girls' softball. His dedication and love for sports were evident in the way he coached. His presence throughout the campus and his relationship with all student-athletes have been invaluable. Coach Hayward's commitment extends far beyond the playing field. He has instilled in us the values of teamwork, perseverance, and sportsmanship. His guidance has shaped not only our students' athletic abilities but also their character. Mark's enthusiasm and positive attitude have been a source of inspiration for everyone he has worked with. Coach Hayward's legacy will continue to influence future generations of athletes on our campus. Though he is retiring, the lessons he has taught us and our shared memories will remain with us forever. Congratulations on your retirement, Coach! 

Here are our award recipients:
Girls JV Volleyball
  • Rookie of the Year - Lizbeth F
Boys Varsity Volleyball
  • Most Valuable Player - Aqil R
  • Rookie of the Year - Kenneth S
Boys Varsity Volleyball
  • Henry Kaiser
  • Aqil Rahim
  • Kenneth Seinshin
  • Ishmael Toussaint
  • Adonay Mendez
  • Eddison Marte
Boys Varsity Basketball
  • Guy Jackson
  • Xzavier Ryan
  • Majestyk Springs
Boys Varsity Soccer
  • Alpha Saibou
  • Nicholas Souza
  • Alpha Toure
  • Saloman Villanueva
Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball
  • Lizbeth Cortes