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Welcome to the Math Department at the Academy for Software Engineering!


Math is a subject that, believe it or not - makes up everything around us! From calculating the rate at which the novel coronavirus can spread, using software coding languages to solve real-world problems, or using 3-D modeling software to create and print 3-D objects, we need and use math to understand and solve all types of issues as well as to drive innovation to improve the world we currently live in.


According to the NYS DOE, “The New York State Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards are defined as the knowledge, skills, and understanding that individuals can and do habitually demonstrate over time because of instruction and learning experiences. These mathematics standards, collectively, are focused and cohesive—designed to support student access to the knowledge and understanding of the mathematical concepts that are necessary to function in a world very dependent upon the application of mathematics.” At AFSE, we believe that mastery of high school mathematics enables students to access more opportunities and we facilitate this learning through our mastery-based learning (MBL) process.



At the Academy for Software Engineering, we continuously reflect on each grade’s math curriculum to ensure that students’ identities, cultures, prior knowledge, and personal gifts are brought into the classroom as vehicles for learning and appreciating the diversity within the classroom. If you would like to know more about New York State’s Initiative to promote and implement a culturally responsive-sustaining framework, please see the link below:



Math courses offered at the Academy for Software Engineering are as follows:


    • 9th Grade: Common Core Algebra 1, Accelerated Common Core Geometry
    • 10th Grade: Common Core Geometry, Accelerated Common Core Algebra 2
    • 11th Grade: Common Core Algebra 2, Accelerated Pre-Calculus
    • 12th Grade: Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, or Personal Finance


The skills covered over the course of a high school student’s career are visually represented below:

These skills are modeled and taught to students in a variety of ways scaffolded at various levels appropriate to each student’s performance level, needs, and learning styles in order to prepare them for a variety of post-secondary opportunities as well as standardized tests that enable students to graduate and apply to college and/or post vocational programs. Below are links to the various websites that reflect the variety of college-ready tests we prepare students for: