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Physical Education and Health

AFSE Physical Education
Physical Education is an academic discipline, and an essential portion of the education process. At AFSE, our 4-year mastery based curriculum encompasses the following major components of a comprehensive Physical Education program, preparing our students to lead an active and productive lifestyle after they graduate.
  • 9th Grade - Health-Related Fitness; Target Heart Rate Zone/BMI; Goal Setting; Team Sports
  • 10th Grade - Skill-Related Fitness; Team Sports
  • 11th Grade - Principle of Fitness; Fitness Equipment Use/Maintenance ; Team Sports
  • 12th Grade - F.I.T.T. Principle Application; Sport Education
Students are also required to complete each of the six (6) NYC FitnessGram performance assessments. The NYC FitnessGram is an annual fitness assessment for students in grade K—12 that helps students and their families develop personal goals for lifelong fitness. The NYC FitnessGram reports spark conversations about eating habits and levels of physical activity needed for good health.
AFSE Health Education

Health education is the building blocks of our lives. A state of complete emotional, mental, physical, and social well-being. Health is a mandatory New York State course that delves into inter- and intra-personal topics, including emotional, mental & social health, violence prevention, nutrition & physical activity, tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, and sexual education. The core of the mastery based Health curriculum at AFSE seeks to equip our students with foundational knowledge and essential skills, enabling them to make good decisions about their overall health and safety.

Course Units

Unit #1 - Emotional, Mental & Social Health

Unit #2 - Violence Prevention

Unit #3 - Nutrition & Physical Health

Unit #4 - Tobacco, Alcohol & Other Drugs

Unit #5 - Sexual Health

Additional Information:

In New York City, we are required to teach sexual education, including HIV/AIDS, other STI’s, and contraception methods, including a condom demonstration. Before we teach these topics, we will send home a letter informing parents of the specifications of the unit and state requirements, should they choose to opt their child out of the unit. 

Department Contacts:
Mr. Fiorentino - (9th Grade PE / 9th Grade Health) [email protected]
Mr. Ciotola - (10th Grade PE / 11th Grade PE) - [email protected]
Mr. Strub - (12th Grade PE / 9th Grade Health) - [email protected]